What is this site for?

One of the most exiting things of Internet is the adult industry. You as me surely have been looking for porn around the net and found some cool free sites with movies to download on them. But as nowadays out there are more than mpeg movies to download you may need some help to setup your computer to be able to play them.

If you are like me and do not want to learn more than needed, this site is for you, so what we want is just to view the movies, not to be a digital video processing masters...

As movie files often are very large some webmasters use to chop them for ease of download, so we also want to join them again into a single file, check out the simple guide written for this purpose. If you also want to know more advanced features about video compression/editing check out the links at the left column.


Recent Updates

- General: Fixed the full screen problem of the file download popup
- Update in downloads section: DivX codec bundle v5.1.1
- Update in downloads section: k-lite codec pack v2.20 basic & full versions


Coming Soon...

New hot features are queued for addition here! One of them is a full security and privacy section. From the basics on cache files and cookie cleaning to the deep elimination of any privacy intrusion ( hidden Windows 9x activity logs, add-ware and spy-ware running on your PC, etc. ) and self defense versus hacking attacks to your PC ( system setup for security, personal firewalls review, security tests, encryption and more! ).

Bookmark this site and come back soon!